Rather than just design and build websites we aim to find solutions and let you know with our unique form structure to get the site you desire. We manually create and source all the back-end stuff for your site. We edit and produce bespoke content to keep your site interesting, maybe your site needs new content every few hours… maybe with a count-down timer…( these are great tweaks – look up! I am quite sure Joomla includes this in its core CMS, unlike WordPress, however wordpress can give you unlimited options also with the right content and plugins.    A site that stays the same for more than a few weeks has a major hook, well! It’s either information, which is great or something just great to offer which keeps people coming back or our preferred hook which is timely creative content, written and media of any thinkable form which is forever changing keeping it interesting. This work can be done either manually as part of the website deal we have or with a workshop to familiarise the client how to update their site and keep it running if they choose or there are plans where I can manage the sites.